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    Shanghai Sanxin Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and development of diamond tools manufacturers, the company is the original Shanghai Diamond Tools Factory corporate restructuring in 2005, has been to develop high-tech as the leading diamond tool, is now a greater size advantages of a semi-automated professional production, was designated as supporting a number of enterprises designated suppliers. The company has passed IS O9001: 2000 quality management system certification, the Shanghai Diamond Industry Association. CNC Grinding Machine is developed specifically for supporting the forming diamond repair knife, is the company's leading products, has become the domestic and imported high-tech CNC grinding machine and grinding machine tool of choice. I can provide drawings, samples customization, also be based on the intent of the diamond knife on-site repair restructuring and special design, and to undertake repair business. We have high quality precision ﹑ ﹑ low prices to meet the needs of users.

Main products are: natural diamond shape knife, natural diamond wheel cutter, natural diamond diamond pen, wash the slate pencil natural diamond, natural diamond wheel, the angle of natural diamond knife, natural diamond probe, diamond tools, diamond ax-type knife, diamond grant flower scissors, acrylic diamond tools, diamond file, diamond dresser, etc. all. The Honor Agent: Sumitomo tool, South Korea Taegu, Norton grinding wheel, Korea Admiralty Whetstone. Major components used in automotive products manufacturing, all kinds of bearings industry, textile machinery gear, electronics emerging industry, petroleum machinery, cylinder head, piston, piston rings, bearings, crankshaft, power tools, the volume of cutting tools, aerospace industry, abrasive mold, precision screw guide and non-ferrous metals such as bulk molding finishing enterprises.

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